Thursday, March 28th, 2024

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TMS for Teens

Thursday, March 28th, 2024
transcranial magnetic stimulation for teens

TMS for Teens

Finding effective, innovative solutions has never been more critical in the face of escalating rates of teen depression and related issues. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is one such promising avenue. [...]

teenager with depression

Know the Facts About Teenage Depression

According to statistics from Mental Health America, more than 13% of teenagers between 12 and 17 reported suffering from at least one severe depressive episode in 2020. Teenage depression [...]

video game addiction

Video Game Addiction Explained

Gaming is a hobby for billions of people worldwide. You may enjoy playing video games to bond with your children or connect online with friends. Many online, phone and [...]

teen depression

Therapy for Teenage Depression

Emotional upheaval is a typical characteristic of puberty, but sometimes it can be challenging to tell the difference between everyday teenage angst and a more severe mental health issue [...]

help for self-harm

7 Reasons Why People Self-Harm & How to Get Them Help

Self-harm—also called self-injury, self-abuse, self-mutilation, and often “cutting” when it involves a sharp object—is known to occur in at least 10 to 20 percent of the U. S. population. Around [...]

Short- & Long-Term Inhalants Effects on the Brain

Do Inhalants Cause Brain Damage?

If you’ve ever worked in a manufacturer’s legal department, you’re probably familiar with discussions on how to avoid liability for damages done by someone’s using products in an inappropriate manner. [...]

Young Professionals Self-Harm

Self-Harm in Young Professionals

When individuals become overwhelmed, whether by mood disorders or the stressors of daily life, they may attempt to cope in destructive ways. For some, this means engaging in self-harm. [...]