Intensive Workshops

Intensive Workshops

Pine Grove offers a variety of intensive workshops that take participants on a positive and reflective journey of self discovery. These workshops uncover root causes of destructive behaviors and provide tools to foster self care and wellness. All intensive workshops are facilitated by licensed clinicians who are leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Christian Personal Freedom

Christian Personal Freedom is a five-day intensive workshop that incorporates biblical truths, helps people identify negative patterns, and find freedom from self-defeating behaviors holding them back.

This workshop serves the needs of couples that have experienced sexual betrayal.

Breaking Free

Breaking Free is a five-day workshop designed to help individuals discover why they repeat the same relationship patterns, empower them to tackle challenging family situations, relationship betrayals, and release themselves from addictive relationships. Breaking Free provides the tools to attain a positive, fulfilling life.

Intensive Workshops Schedule

Date Workshop
June 10-14 Christian Personal Freedom for Men
July 15-19 Christian Personal Freedom for Women
August 12-16 Christian Personal Freedom for Men
September 9-13 Christian Personal Freedom for Women
October 7-11 Christian Personal Freedom for Men
November 4-8 Christian Personal Freedom for Women
December 9-13 Christian Personal Freedom for Men

Dive Deep into Healing

Our intensive workshops are designed as dynamic and potent healing experiences, offering concentrated strategies for accelerated wellness. These workshops provide an immersive environment where participants can rapidly advance in their healing journey, gaining profound insights and effective tools for transformative growth and lasting recovery.
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