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Technology Addiction Services

Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services provides treatment services addressing the excessive use of technology, a concern that spans across various age groups and walks of life. Our programs cater to all individuals who find their quality of life compromised by digital dependencies.

What is Technology Addiction?

Technology addiction encompasses a range of behaviors where the use of digital and internet-connected devices become disruptive to daily life. The pervasiveness of digital devices has led to a marked increase in individuals unable to disengage, even temporarily. This form of addiction can manifest through an array of media, including:

  • Video games and online multiplayer games
  • Smartphones and social media platforms
  • The internet and online activities such as dating and pornography
  • Online gambling, texting, chat rooms, and message boards

The Rise of Digital Dependency

The prevalence of technology addiction is on the rise, a trend significantly intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. At Pine Grove, we recognize the complexity of this issue and are committed to addressing it with expertise and compassion.
  • A Growing Concern: Binge gaming, a marker of potential addiction, has surged, reflecting broader trends of increased dependence on digital entertainment.
  • Daily Digital Consumption: The expansive screen time among individuals signals an urgent need for attention, with some spending upwards of seven hours online daily. This level of engagement represents a substantial portion of one’s day, underscoring the pervasiveness of digital media in our lives.
  • Social Media’s Hold: The grip of social media is evident, with a significant segment of Americans, especially young adults, acknowledging some level of addiction. With an average of over two and a half hours spent on social platforms each day, the impact of these habits on social and emotional well-being is substantial.
  • The Cost to Well-being: This compulsive behavior correlates with decreased levels of health and happiness, as well as increased depression rates, particularly among youth.

Recognizing the Problem

Criteria for identifying technology addiction are akin to those for other behavioral addictions. Symptoms and behaviors indicative of a tech addiction may include:
  • Engaging with technology for extended periods daily
  • Functional impairment due to excessive tech use
  • Withdrawal symptoms when technology is inaccessible
  • Persistent use despite awareness of negative repercussions
  • Decreased interest in non-digital activities
  • Reliance on digital devices to alleviate negative feelings
  • Difficulty regulating device usage

Addressing Technology Addiction

Unlike substance addictions where abstinence is a clear goal, technology use is an integral part of modern functioning. Our programs are designed to help individuals understand the underlying causes of their addiction, develop healthier relationships with technology, and reclaim a balanced, fulfilling life free from digital dependency. Effective treatment focuses on moderating and managing use rather than complete cessation. Pine Grove’s approach equips individuals with strategies to balance technology in their lives, ensuring that productivity and personal relationships remain unharmed.

A World Beyond Screens

Break free from the digital chains and rediscover a life enriched with real connections. Our program isn’t just about disconnecting from technology; it’s about reconnecting you to the essence of life and relationships. Step into a journey of balance and rejuvenation with Pine Grove. Initiate your transformation today and rediscover the world beyond screens.
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