Reach Course

Reach Course

Ropes courses, whether used in a therapeutic or adventure setting, can be immensely beneficial in building confidence and inner strength during the recovery process. Pine Grove’s REACH ropes course is one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

REACH, Realistic Experiences and Challenging Horizons

People who complete a supervised ropes course in either a therapeutic or adventure setting find the experience very satisfying. And best of all, it’s both safe and fun.

Since Pine Grove established its REACH program in 1990, many South Mississippians have enjoyed the thrill of a ropes course. The REACH ropes course in Mississippi is similar to an obstacle course with elements placed low to the ground and high off the ground. According to its designer, the REACH course constructed on the grounds of Pine Grove–is the most comprehensive ropes course in the South. The course, which is the first to be used by a hospital in Mississippi, is used by patients and groups such as professional organizations, businesses and civic clubs.

The course of wood, cable and rope is comprised of several initiatives, or stages. Some elements involve climbing. Others challenge team members’ resourcefulness and problem-solving skills.

The course can be utilized for team-building in the business, educational and recreational areas of the community. The course, which features different levels of difficulty, can be used with any age group from 11 years-old and older. Participants are provided with helmets and safety harnesses before starting the course. Safety lines are always used to insure against falls.

Pine Grove staff members working with the REACH program undergo an 80-hour training course with both written and practical skills exams. The course is inspected once a month by the course designer to make sure ropes, cables and bolts are secure.

No special equipment is needed for persons who wish to use the course. Also, individual group members are NEVER “pushed” to engage a particular element of the course against their will.

What are the Benefits?

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Personal Strengths
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Promotes Trust
  • Enhances Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Beyond the Physical Realm

Although many may view the course as “a challenge,” it’s not purely a physical challenge. The course offers a therapeutic benefit to participants as well as a physical workout.

The ropes course is an experiential therapy, meaning participants actually come face to face with many issues and begin to learn new coping skills such as problem-solving, communication techniques, confidence building and trust. Although the course is used by the patients and staff of Pine Grove and FGH, the course was also designed with the general public in mind.

Whether it’s a team-building endeavor, therapeutic experience or physical adventure, it’s all within “REACH” at Pine Grove.

Discover your full potential, learn new elements of trust, and strive for new heights.

Arrangements available for:

  • Large Groups
  • Custom Designed Program
  • Single Day Programs
  • Weekend Seminars
  • Individual and Group Rates

For more information on our REACH Program contact Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services at 601-288-2273.