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Pine Grove Giving Back

Pine Grove’s alumni, their family members, and supporters of our organization often ask how they may be able to contribute to our programs and support our mission. This may be accomplished through our Giving Back initiative, which supports a variety of valuable projects to help Pine Grove’s patients and their recovery. Funds raised through Pine Grove Giving Back are stewarded through the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.

Pine Grove’s Spiritual Grounds

Giving Back recently completed work to beautify Pine Grove’s Spiritual Grounds by establishing a meditative labyrinth and fire circle to further enhance our patient’s treatment experience. Labyrinths help patients focus on a defined goal, like recovery, by offering a set path with a clear destination. The fire circle provides Pine Grove’s patients with a means to spiritually discard past transgressions and make healthy resolutions. Additionally, Pine Grove plans to further develop the Spiritual Grounds by adding a bell tower and chapel to support the healing process.

Spiritual Grounds Virtual Tour

Pine Grove’s Chapel

Located on the main Pine Grove campus, the chapel will serve as a peaceful and serene setting for small groups, meditation, personal reflection, or simply a place to relax and enjoy. Nestled in a wooded setting within Pine Grove’s Spiritual Grounds, the Chapel will rise 32 feet into the sky with exaggerated windows, allowing panoramic views of surrounding trees and other beautiful landscaping. In addition, there will be covered areas for outdoor gatherings at the front and back of the Chapel. The transparent structure will sanction patterns of light and shadows during the day, while at night, it’ll glow from within. This creates an ever changing ambiance influenced by the four seasons.

Pine Grove’s Bell Tower

The Bell Tower consists of artistic soaring pieces of steel and wood with three bronze bells, hanging at different heights. It is surrounded by a plaza with a circular stone seat wall. The Bell Tower has a much deeper meaning at Pine Grove because the three bells symbolize the journey of addiction. As a patient ends the first part of their journey, they will ring a bell to mark this achievement. Upon finishing the second part of the journey, patients will find it requires someone else to help physically ring the second bell. On the final journey, the patient will discover that it takes a group of people to physically ring the third bell, strengthening the idea that as we heal, we must seek help from others.

How To Donate

Contributions to Pine Grove Giving Back are stewarded through the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization.

Donate by Credit Card or PayPal:

You may contact the Forrest General Healthcare Foundation at 601-288-4396 to donate to Pine Grove Giving Back by phone. Please specify that you are contributing to Pine Grove Giving Back and note whether the funds should be designated towards the Spiritual Grounds or the Circle of Healing.

Donate by Mail:

Please mail your donation to Pine Grove Giving Back, P.O. Box 19010, Hattiesburg, MS. 39404-9010. Please make checks payable to FGHF – Pine Grove, and specify the Spiritual Grounds or Circle of Healing on the memo line.

*Please contact Colleen Munkel, Director of Business Development at (601) 288-4834 for more information about Pine Grove Giving Back.

Circle Of Healing

The Circle of Healing helps Pine Grove’s patient scholarship fund supplement the cost of residential treatment for those in need. Many patients have been able to attend and complete treatment because of the scholarships we are able to offer. When you give to the Circle of Healing, you are giving hope to the life of someone who may have never received treatment without your generosity. The Circle of Healing helps patients of Pine Grove’s Next Step, Women’s Center, Gratitude, and Professional Enhancement Program, known as PEP. The purpose of this scholarship fund is to ensure patients, who qualify for financial aid, have the ability to receive Pine Grove’s care and achieve a life free from the bonds of addiction.

Pine Grove Behavioral Health community
Pine Grove Behavioral Health giving back to their community

Paul McMullan Circle Plaza

The Paul McMullan Circle of Healing Plaza is named after long time Hattiesburg businessman and past President of the Forrest General Hospital Board of Trustees, Paul McMullan. The centerpiece of this plaza is the Circle of Healing Sculpture designed by Mississippi artist and physician, J. Kim Sessums of Brookhaven, Mississippi. Illustrating the importance of support from the family and friends during illness and life struggles, the Circle of Healing Sculpture is an amazing reminder of the power of community.
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