Women's Center

Residential Treatment for Women

Pine Grove’s Women’s Center provides residential treatment tailored to women facing the multifaceted challenges of addiction and related behavioral issues. With a serene and secure environment conducive to healing, our program is adept at handling complex cases through comprehensive care lead by expert clinicians.

Women's Treatment Focus

At Pine Grove’s Women’s Center, we specialize in treating the following conditions:

Our program offers specialized tracks for:

Expert Care Team

Our center prides itself on the breadth and depth of our care team’s expertise. The Women’s Center’s multidisciplinary team is led by a Clinical Director, supported by a Psychiatrist who holds dual board certification in Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Our staff also includes professional nurses, clinical therapists, and counselors, complemented by a registered dietitian and recreational therapy specialists. Together, this team delivers an integrated approach to recovery, addressing the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of each patient.

A Therapeutic Setting

The Women’s Center’s setting is a repurposed inn that has been carefully crafted to provide comfort and promote recovery. Our facilities provide a serene backdrop for recovery, featuring shared bedrooms with charming Southern décor, a communal kitchen for nutrition education, and outdoor spaces for relaxation and therapy, including an outdoor pool, and full access to fitness amenities.

Distinct Recovery Experience

The Women’s Center encourages a recovery-focused community, where women support each other in building new, healthy lives and prioritize their healing journey. Here, clients develop vital life skills, forge supportive relationships, and engage in personal development necessary for lasting recovery.

Comprehensive Treatment Components

The Women’s Center extends beyond traditional therapy by offering innovative and varied therapeutic modalities designed to treat the whole person. Our program components are carefully selected to support our patients in addressing their specific needs and to foster recovery on multiple levels. Our program’s therapeutic offerings typically include:

  • Targeted Group and Individual Therapy
  • Trauma-focused treatments like EMDR
  • Nutritional Counseling for Eating Disorders
  • Life Skills and Relapse Prevention Education
  • Workshops on Boundaries, Trauma, and Family Dynamics

An Invitation for Healing

We invite you to our transformative women’s program where care, expertise, and respect converge to support the unique paths of women towards lasting wellness and empowerment.

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