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Our Difference

At Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services we recognize that healing and recovery are profound journeys that require compassion, expertise, and a tailored approach for each individual. Our commitment to this belief is what sets our best addiction treatment practices apart.

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Healing for everyone

As the largest treatment center in Mississippi, Pine Grove's comprehensive spectrum of programs, cater to diverse psychiatric and addiction treatment needs. From treatment for specific psychiatric disorders to varied addiction recovery programs, Pine Grove provides a nurturing and supportive environment where every patient can find their path to healing.

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40 years of experience

We extend our compassionate care beyond our immediate community, touching lives from every corner of Mississippi's 82 counties, across all 50 states, and from numerous countries around the globe. For 40 years we have been making a profound impact on the individuals we treat and on the families, communities, and networks they are a part of.

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Behavioral health Experts

Our team brings a diverse range of expertise to our comprehensive services. From our psychiatrists and therapists to our nurses and support personnel, our team delivers exceptional care, drawing on a wealth of experience and ongoing training in their respective fields.

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continuous alumni support

We provide support through each stage of healing - from transitioning out of inpatient care to outpatient services and lifelong support. Recognizing the vital role of family and community in long-term recovery, we offer regular weekly meetings for families and alumni, many of whom continue to participate for life.

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Innovative Therapies

We remain at the forefront of integrating innovative therapies into our comprehensive programs. Evidence backed treatments such as neurofeedback, EMDR, expressive arts therapy, CBT, DBT and others are combined as part of our effective and individualized treatment plans.

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Healing-Focused campus

Our peaceful campus is an oasis of calm surrounded by nature. With facilities like our therapy gardens, walking trails, and comfortable, homelike accommodations, we create a nurturing atmosphere that supports physical and emotional well-being.

your Lifelong wellness starts at pine grove

Discover the Pine Grove difference for yourself. Reach out to us today and take the first step on your path to recovery with a team that’s committed to your lifelong wellness.

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