Professional Recovery Track

Treatment for Professionals

Pine Grove offers a specialized Professionals Recovery Track, which focuses on issues specific to licensed professionals – particularly those working in the medical field. This track emphasizes lasting recovery and a safe return to the workplace post-treatment.

About Our Addiction Treatment for Professionals

The Professionals Recovery Track is tailored for residential addiction treatment patients at Pine Grove who hold professional licenses. These professionals come from various programs across Pine Grove, including Men’s Next Step, The Women’s Center, and the Gratitude program.

Components of Treatment

The treatment process is comprehensive and seamlessly integrates with the patient’s ongoing treatment regimen. Patients participate in daily group therapy sessions that focus on various key areas, providing an immersive and supportive experience over a period that aligns with their individual treatment plans. The curriculum within this track addresses critical topics such as:
  • Professionalism: Discussions on maintaining professionalism, addressing disruptive behavior, and developing assertive communication to enhance workplace relationships and teamwork.
  • Boundaries: Training on boundary setting, understanding professional sexual misconduct, and the appropriate use of social media, culminating in a detailed Return to Work Plan.
  • Monitoring: Insights into the function and misconceptions of monitoring agencies in supporting recovery and professional accountability post-treatment.
  • Career Factors: Reflection on the impact of addiction on job performance and responsibilities, with emphasis on competence and professional boundaries.
  • Relapse Prevention: Strategies tailored to the unique risks within professional roles, focusing on maintaining sobriety in challenging work environments.
  • Self-Care for Professionals: Techniques for managing stress, preventing burnout, and achieving work-life balance.
By engaging in therapy, professionals are offered a robust framework to address the multifaceted nature of recovery, focusing on personal development as well as professional responsibilities and identity.

Career Advocacy & Support

Pine Grove supports professionals by coordinating with licensing bodies to establish monitoring agreements, ensuring accountability and facilitating the journey back to a professional environment.

Continuing Care Through PEP (Professional Enhancement Program)

Following residential treatment, professionals have the options to transition to our esteemed Professional Enhancement Program (PEP). While residing at our PEP apartments, professionals receive robust treatment and education on managing their careers without compromising their well-being.

Professional Renewal at Pine Grove

Reclaim your career and wellness with Pine Grove’s comprehensive suite of programs for professionals. Contact us to discover how our Professionals Recovery Track can support your specific needs and career.
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