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Family Therapy at Pine Grove

Addiction and behavioral health concerns don’t just affect the person with a diagnosis. At Pine Grove, we offer intensive family therapy and education services, and seek to involve family members in every aspect of treatment.

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Families are Part of the Solution

Families are part of our mission at Pine Grove. Our mission is to provide a safe environment and compassionate care for our patients and their families. By encouraging growth and change through insight and application, the healing process is initiated within individuals, and a foundation is established for healthier more authentic relationships with the self and others (i.e. family members).

Addictions and behavioral health issues impact families in an enormous way. The whole family is impacted by this disease and the whole family is part of the solution. Pine Grove’s family therapy and education assists families in understanding how they can become part of the solution.

Therapy & Education

A dedicated portion of a patient’s treatment at Pine Grove involves family therapy and education. Family members are educated about the disease of addiction, compulsive behaviors, family systems, healthy communication, boundaries, spirituality, and the recovery process.

Family therapy and education is facilitated by the professionally trained clinical staff members within Pine Grove’s specialty addiction treatment programs. 

Pine Grove’s family therapy and education facilitates open, honest, and direct communication about addiction. Pine Grove’s patients are encouraged to practice honesty and accountability regarding their addictive behaviors.

Pine Grove’s dedicated therapists also work with each patient and their loved ones to communicate treatment discharge and aftercare plans.

Families Benefit Too

Understanding this is a difficult time for our patients and their loved ones, our hope is that patients and their families benefit from this healing therapy. During Pine Grove’s Family Program families engage in:

Education on Substance Abuse: Gaining insights into addiction and its impact.

Aftercare Planning: Developing strategies for post-treatment support.

Emotional Health Tools: Learning techniques to maintain their own emotional well-being.

Access to Resources: Utilizing tools and resources provided by Pine Grove to support ongoing health.

This comprehensive family involvement aims to foster understanding, improve communication, and prepare both our clients and their loved ones for a successful transition post-treatment. This includes family members having a plan for their own emotional health during and after the treatment of their loved one. 

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