How Does Mississippi Rank in Access to Mental Health Care?

How Does Mississippi Rank in Access to Mental Health Care?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

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How Does Mississippi Rank in Access to Mental Health Care?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

How Does Mississippi Rank in Access to Mental Health Care?

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Though millions of Americans live with conditions like depression and anxiety, the vast majority never ask for help from a mental health professional. While some are ashamed of needing treatment, others do not realize the potentially damaging consequences of untreated mental illnesses. For instance, depression makes people more vulnerable to developing long-term physical health conditions like heart disease.

Understanding the prevalence of mental health disorders is the first step in destigmatizing them and encouraging people to reach out when they are struggling. A new report sheds more light on the issues Americans face in receiving mental health care.

The 2023 State of Mental Health Report

Mental Health America published its 2023 State of Mental Health Report to paint an accurate picture of mental health status among youth and adults living in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Among other goals, this nationwide survey aims to identify how many people are living with mental health and substance use disorders, while determining which states have more uninsured people and correspondingly higher barriers to accessing mental health care.

MHA’s data provides a foundation for learning about the number of Americans need mental health services, plus how easily they can get treatment. Though the report is only a snapshot of the American mental health system’s current status, it should be a valuable starting point for a national conversation about how prevalent mental illnesses are.

To create the report, MHA identified 15 measures of mental illness and access to care for adults and children, then combined these scores to rank the states. Higher rankings indicate less widespread mental illness, combined with easier access to care.

What Does the Report Say About Mississippi?

Mississippi ranks 25th overall on the list. However, an especially alarming statistic revealed in MHA’s report is that the state ranks 42nd in access to care, which means a high number of uninsured people and those who cannot afford medical attention. As a result, many children and adults in Mississippi have unmet mental health needs.

Among people with mental illnesses who did not receive treatment in the past year, 26.7% indicated that they had experienced serious psychological distress in the past month. Most adults who reported unmet needs said they did not receive care because they could not afford it, while others said they didn’t know how to ask for help or believed they didn’t need it.

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