Relapse & Stabilization Track

Intensive Relapse treatment

We recognize the nature of the disease of addiction and understand the return of relapse behaviors and relapses can happen. When it does, it is critical that someone who is engaging in problematic behaviors realize it is not a hopeless situation, help is available, and changes can be made to get back on the path to recovery.

Preventing Relapse

A cornerstone of our program is the emphasis on a robust relapse prevention plan. We prioritize equipping our patients with the tools and strategies necessary to maintain their sobriety outside the treatment setting. Our team works collaboratively with each patient to tailor a prevention plan that is practical, comprehensive, and suited to the individual’s life and challenges.

However, we recognize that recovery from addiction is an ongoing journey marked by its own set of challenges. Relapse, often a part of this journey, is not a sign of failure but an opportunity for growth and recalibration of one’s recovery path. Our center’s dedicated approach acknowledges the complex nature of addiction as a chronic condition, offering support and guidance for those navigating the post-treatment world.

Intervening with Compassion & Expertise

Our 45-day Relapse and Stabilization Track was born out of our commitment to provide support for our alumni. This track is ideal for all alumni who have either relapsed, are sensing the warning signs of potential relapse or emotional dysregulation. By acknowledging early problematic behaviors, we offer a proactive solution to stabilize and reinforce recovery efforts in a familiar and empathetic setting.

Safety & Stabilization

Our relapse and stabilization track is a structured and intensive program designed to address the nuances of each individual’s situation. During their stay, patients revisit the fundamentals of sober living, engage in therapeutic activities, and revitalize their commitment to sobriety.

Program Highlights

  • Specialized Support for Alumni: A safety net for those who have been part of our community, offering a quick return to a supportive environment.
  • Focused Therapy Sessions: Intensive group and individual therapy to address specific relapse-related issues and triggers.
  • Care Planning: Development of a tailored care plan that includes coping strategies, lifestyle adjustments, and support systems.
  • Continuous Education: Ongoing education on the nature of addiction, relapse indicators, and prevention techniques.
  • Peer Support: An invaluable network of alumni who understand the journey and offer mutual encouragement.

A Way Forward

Relapse does not define you and with the right support, returning to a life of recovery is always within reach. Whether addressing a recent relapse or preventing one, our program is specifically designed to help alumni regain their strength and clarity on their program of recovery. We’re here to help you reaffirm your recovery in a nurturing and structured environment, where every step back is met with a pathway forward.

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