Recovery and the Holidays

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How does one stay in recovery through the holidays? Holidays are a time of celebrations with family, friends, and business associates. All with their unwritten expectations: family traditions, peer pressure, and employment stress. People with addictions and people pleasing attitudes tend to believe they have to meet all these people’s expectations at whatever cost to themselves. There is a big difference between doing what’s expected and doing the right thing. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard patients and individuals in 12 step programs say I don’t want them to be mad at me, I don’t want to lose my job, this is what we’ve always done, or I can’t ask them not to drink or not to do whatever might interfere with them and their recovery. I’ve seen many individuals stress themselves out so much before the actual day got here that they acted out in their disease and spoiled that day for themselves and all those other people.

When someone in recovery is in this mindset then they are already in trouble. First they are not living in today, they are not working their program to the fullest extent, and they have great difficulty being redirected. The decision you have to make today is the same as it is every day, not to act out in your disease just for today. You have to keep your priorities in order and do the next right thing for your recovery. Families, friends and employers might not understand – they probably want, they will probably think you are being selfish or something is wrong. This is one time you better be selfish and something want be wrong – it will be very right. You will have given yourself and them the greatest gift in the world – your recovery.

Rely on the God of your understanding, your sponsor, your 12 step meetings, and your daily program of recovery. You will then make the right decision on that day and with the right motivation. Recovery needs to always be the number one thing on your mind and in your life. Everything else will fall in place. You will have one the most memorable, spiritual, and gratitude fulfilled days of your life. All those people in your life will one day be grateful that they weren’t visiting you in jail, institutions, or attending your funeral.

So how does one stay in recovery during the holidays, the same way you stay in recovery today!! One Day at a Time.

God Bless and Happy Holidays!!

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