Mental Health

Mental Health

Saturday, February 13th, 2021

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At Pine Grove, we believe that education and research are integral to effective treatment. Our blog content includes messages from our staff members, discussion of new studies, and advice for those in every stage of recovery.

What You Need to Know About Postoperative Depression and Pain Management

Saturday, February 13th, 2021
how to stop self-sabotage

Why We Self-Sabotage (& How You Can Stop for Good)

When we decide to pursue recovery, we learn a lot about ourselves. Throughout the process of individual therapy sessions, group meetings, and 12-Step programming, many of us realize a [...]

well-being well being

The Empowering Science of Well-Being

The Skill of Well-Being Richard Davidson is a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is also the founder and chair of the Center for Healthy [...]

mental illness awareness week

Mental Illness: When is It Time to Seek Treatment?

Mental health is defined as your overall wellness in thinking, emotional regulation, and behavior. When these processes are disrupted, you are said to have a mental illness. In observance [...]

Young Professionals Self-Harm

Self-Harm in Young Professionals

When individuals become overwhelmed, whether by mood disorders or the stressors of daily life, they may attempt to cope in destructive ways. For some, this means engaging in self-harm. [...]

Getting Un-stuck

by Dr. Tony Calabrese and Patricia Calabrese, PMH-NP How do we get stuck, and what can we do to get un-stuck? Getting stuck, at first glance, is not nearly [...]

Getting Started

by Dr. Tony Calabrese and Patricia Calabrese, PMH-NP A Pine Grove Psychiatrist once said, “A health problem left untreated usually gets worse.” We all know this intuitively, which is [...]

Peace Within Peace Without

by Dr. Tony Calabrese and Patricia Calabrese, PMH-NP Mental Health is intricately linked to physical health, it is vital and we all strive to achieve it. However, for some [...]