Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

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5 Ways Addiction Impacts the Brain

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

5 Ways Addiction Impacts the Brain

Addiction is more than a behavioral health problem; it’s a complex illness. Drugs and alcohol significantly alter the brain’s structure and function, making it increasingly challenging to abstain from [...]

ptsd group

PTSD Symptoms

Trauma’s effects can be long-lasting, changing your mood, behavior and ability to trust others. After terrifying or life-threatening experiences, millions of people develop a mental health condition called post-traumatic [...]

men's health month tips

Men’s Health Month

The connection between physical health and mental health is undeniable. Challenges like chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can manifest in issues including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and [...]

weight loss drugs

Dangers of Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

If your doctor has recommended losing weight to minimize associated health problems like high blood pressure and sleep apnea, but you struggle to shed pounds through diet and exercise [...]

sex addiction

Sex Addiction Symptoms

While it’s natural to have a healthy libido and want to physically bond with your partner, hypersexuality can harm your relationships and disrupt other aspects of your life. Compulsive [...]

internet gaming disorder

Internet Gaming Disorder

Video games are a source of entertainment and relaxation for many people, and some even include a social component that allows players to connect. Internet gaming can improve problem-solving [...]

shopping addiction

Black Friday in Shopping Addiction Recovery

Many Americans look forward to Thanksgiving all year long. It’s an opportunity to spend the day with loved ones, indulge in holiday delicacies and count your blessings. Thanksgiving also [...]

sensory overload

What Is Sensory Overload?

While every child on the autism spectrum is different, sensory overload is a typical symptom. If left unaddressed, this problem can significantly affect your family’s quality of life. A [...]

how to stop gambling

How to Stop Gambling

In recent years, gambling has become more normalized and accessible than ever before. Aside from Hawaii and Utah, every state in the country offers some type of legalized gambling. [...]

rebuild trust

How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

Trust is an essential element of any healthy relationship, but it’s also something you must actively work to maintain. If you’ve done something to erode a stable foundation of [...]

why am i tired

Why Am I Always Tired and Have No Energy?

In a perfect world, you’d always greet each new day with plenty of enthusiasm and motivation. However, your reality may look more like hitting the snooze button several times [...]