Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

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The Psychology of Writing Down Goals

Thursday, January 13th, 2022
writing down goals

The Psychology of Writing Down Goals

Every year, millions of people worldwide set New Year’s resolutions – a tradition dating back thousands of years. Whether your goals are to get fit, save more money, make [...]

video game addiction

Video Game Addiction Explained

Gaming is a hobby for billions of people worldwide. You may enjoy playing video games to bond with your children or connect online with friends. Many online, phone and [...]

intrusive thoughts

How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts

If you live with a mental health issue like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, you are probably intimately familiar with intrusive thoughts. Since these can be so [...]

Process Addiction | What is Behavioral Addiction?

Process and Behavioral Addictions

Detox from alcohol or opiate addiction is never fun, and avoiding relapse is rarely easy, but at least those in recovery have the option of permanently doing without the [...]


Raising a Child with Autism

An autism diagnosis can be especially challenging for parents. However, this condition is completely manageable, and with the right support and care, kids with autism grow up to live [...]

Teen and Young Adult Mental Illness

Mental Illness in Teens and Young Adults

When your child has been diagnosed with a mental health condition, it can make you question your parenting. However, mental illness isn’t your fault, or your family’s. While researchers are just [...]

Gambling Disorder

Treat Gambling Addiction as an Illness

Gambling addiction, also referred to as “problem gambling” or “gambling disorder,” is a common behavioral addiction that requires professional treatment. Just as with a substance use disorder, those with gambling disorders are [...]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Dixon Mitchell One of the core dimensions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is observing andhelping patients become more aware of their automatic thoughts and the relationship automatic thoughts [...]