Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

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At Pine Grove, we believe that education and research are integral to effective treatment. Our blog content includes messages from our staff members, discussion of new studies, and advice for those in every stage of recovery.

World Gratitude Day

Thursday, September 21st, 2023
world gratitude day

World Gratitude Day

Gratitude is a simple yet profoundly impactful emotion. It reminds us of life’s blessings, big or small, and urges us to look beyond our immediate challenges to appreciate the [...]

health professionals burnout

Addressing Overdose Risks Among Health Providers

At Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services, we remain committed to understanding addiction’s profound impacts, including highlighting the often-overlooked demographics grappling with this issue. A recent study sheds [...]

suicidal thoughts

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed every Sept. 10, underscores the importance of understanding, preventing and healing from the traumatic impacts of suicide. It’s a somber reminder that suicide remains [...]


What Is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy?

At Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services, we believe in a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. Among the innovative techniques we advocate for is mindfulness-based cognitive [...]

social anxiety disorder

Social Phobia vs. Social Anxiety Disorder

At Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services, our mission is to shed light on misunderstood or lesser-known aspects of mental health such as social phobia and social anxiety [...]

substance abuse and domestic violence

Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

Substance abuse and domestic violence can create a distressing cycle that compounds the suffering of those involved. Understanding this intricate relationship is critical for the treatment and prevention of [...]

summer mental health

Does Heat Affect Bipolar Disorder?

Though summer brings more sunshine and opportunities for vacation and outdoor recreation, it can be a challenging season for people living with mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder. [...]


5 Ways Addiction Impacts the Brain

Addiction is more than a behavioral health problem; it’s a complex illness. Drugs and alcohol significantly alter the brain’s structure and function, making it increasingly challenging to abstain from [...]

ptsd group

PTSD Symptoms

Trauma’s effects can be long-lasting, changing your mood, behavior and ability to trust others. After terrifying or life-threatening experiences, millions of people develop a mental health condition called post-traumatic [...]

men's health month tips

Men’s Health Month

The connection between physical health and mental health is undeniable. Challenges like chronic stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can manifest in issues including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and [...]