Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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At Pine Grove, we believe that education and research are integral to effective treatment. Our blog content includes messages from our staff members, discussion of new studies, and advice for those in every stage of recovery.

Sex Addiction Symptoms

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
sex addiction

Sex Addiction Symptoms

While it’s natural to have a healthy libido and want to physically bond with your partner, hypersexuality can harm your relationships and disrupt other aspects of your life. Compulsive [...]

shopping addiction

Black Friday in Shopping Addiction Recovery

Many Americans look forward to Thanksgiving all year long. It’s an opportunity to spend the day with loved ones, indulge in holiday delicacies and count your blessings. Thanksgiving also [...]

suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2022

Suicide is a preventable tragedy. Unfortunately, many Americans don't know what warning signs to watch out for in their loved ones. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. With the [...]

mental toughness

Mentally Tough

Benefits of Mental Toughness Finally, football season is here! Football rivalry and school spirit really seem to bring some healthy competition. It is always impressive to watch star athletes excel [...]

brain health

July 22 Is World Brain Day

Every year on July 22, an ambitious campaign advocates for global brain health by spreading awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy cognition for life. If you drink or [...]


Renewing Your Resiliency

Lately, it seems like life has been in the fast lane. With so much going on in the world today, it is easy to have feelings of being overwhelmed. [...]


A Primer on Narcissism (Part Two)

What Makes a Narcissist and How to Deal with Them The last article more or less defined narcissism and listed several tactics used to achieve the narcissist’s agenda. Most literature [...]

opioid use among older adults

Older Adult Opioid Use on the Rise

As we age, our bodies can quickly begin to need more support in order to function. Older adults tend to have more health issues than younger populations. They may [...]

expressing feelings appropriately

How to Talk About Your Feelings

Expressing Feelings Appropriately What would 2022 be like for you if you could actually tell people how you feel? I’m not talking about popping off at them. I’m talking about [...]


Navigating Your First Sober Thanksgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and indulge with loved ones. However, if this year will mark your first sober Thanksgiving, you may be anxious about [...]

spirituality and recovery

Spirituality and Recovery

We are just weeks out since the Olympics were held. I’m always fascinated by the Olympics. In fact, for the few short weeks the games happen I’ll have it [...]