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Gratitude: Sexual Addiction Treatment

(Formerly known as "Gentle Path")

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When there is a preoccupation, euphoric recall and constant obsessive thinking about either finding ways to act out sexually or recovering from acting out sexually. The addiction takes all the energy, time and focus impacting work, home life, intimacy, finances and life goals. The addict can quit for varying periods of time, but will painfully return to the behavior.


Pine Grove’s Gratitude program is for both men and women struggling with sex addiction, sexual anorexia, relationship addiction and sexual trauma. Formerly known as “Gentle Path," the Gratitude program was founded by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., C.A.S., world-renowned speaker, and author on addiction. Dr. Carnes’ 30-task-model serves as the basic curriculum for treatment.

We recognize that those seeking sex addiction help may also need treatment for mood disturbances, anxiety disorders or other addictions, such as chemical dependency.

At Gratitude, our experts focus on working through the root of the addiction, addressing past trauma and family problems, so that each patient can regain freedom from compulsive behaviors and develop a sense of healthy sexuality.

Gratitude is a minimum 45 day intensive program offered in a safe and secure environment where patients can work together under the supervision of professional and caring addiction professionals.

The Gratitude program consists of two components: A Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and a Residential Treatment Program. Housing, meals, and most of our treatment services are provided in the Gratitude cottages located a few miles from the main Pine Grove campus.

Because we understand there are many different types of sexual addictions, Gratitude offers a variety of treatment options; each prescribed and suited to an individual patient's needs. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients get what they need for long-term recovery. Gratitude provides comprehensive sexual addiction and rehab treatment services based on a 12-Step Program. Our team of physicians, nurses, counselors, clinical assistants, social workers and a certified addictionologist, provide patients with a full continuum of care. The Day Treatment Program includes:


Our team is also strongly committed to the emotional health and healing of spouses, partners, and families impacted by the consequences of sexually addictive behaviors. We understand how dealing with a friend or family member with an addictive disease can be stressful, frustrating and emotionally draining. To assist our patients' loved ones in dealing with these feelings, Gratitude offers an intensive one-week Family Care Program. During this week, we encourage family members and patients to identify the problems they are facing and set goals for recovery.

The Pine Grove Family Program offers special services to spouses of patients, including marital therapy and our spouse support program.

By working together as a family, we believe that recovery can continue for a lifetime. There's no extra charge for this service. To find out more, visit our Family Care Program page.


Primary therapists are available to provide assistance with discharge planning and aftercare services. Pine Grove can offer additional services to transition patients back to everyday life or assist them in finding a specialist in their community from our wide network of aftercare providers.


Patients meet daily with their primary group and therapist. During this time patients focus on homework geared towards the completion of the 30 Tasks. For example, they may present their First Step, report their sexual timeline, do some experiential trauma work or go over their "secrets list". Patients have an extensive amount of reading and homework that is geared towards self discovery and task completion. Patients will have the opportunity work on over fifteen of the thirty tasks while in treatment.


The collective mediums of art, movement, music and drama therapies are combined to form Expressive Therapy. All Gratitude patients participate in Expressive Therapy, and family members are also encouraged to participate during Family Week. Expressive Therapy allows the patient to: Explore feelings that are often suppressed; Gain insight into ineffectual behavioral responses; Elevate self-esteem through discipline and accomplishment; Examine methods of communication to determine effectiveness.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

EMDR is a progressive and empirically validated treatment for healing trauma and reducing anxiety. In the Gratitude Program, patients can receive weekly individualized EMDR treatment by a trained EMDR therapist.


Also known as REACH was originally used for chemical dependency treatment as a result of works conducted by Outward Bound in North Carolina.

This therapy is a combination of an obstacle course and group therapy. Its application in treatment is focused on the expression and resolution of feelings, self-esteem enhancement, problem solving, building of trust, communication, leadership and team-building skills.

ROPES therapy is experiential and provides the opportunity and environment for strong and lasting change to take place in a non-conventional setting. The ROPES Course consists of more than 40 elements located among the pine trees surrounding Pine Grove. Our highly trained professionals lead each participant safely through the course.


Patients with a dual diagnosis can be treated at Gratitude. The treatment team works toward stabilization of emotional and psychiatric problems, addressing sex addiction and the corollary disorder in tandem. It offers a 12-step based program which utilizes physicians who are board certified in psychiatry and addiction medicine.


At Gratitude, our patients live in a setting in which they perform daily living tasks that can aid in recovery. Not the least of which is a physical exercise program. Gratitude maintains a relationship with a local fitness center to allow patients to participate in regular exercise programs. This state-of-the-art fitness center is near the Gratitude campus and transportation to and from the workout facilities can be coordinated through Pine Grove.


The Gratitude Program uses a psychoeducational approach to teach patients about sexual issues and recovery. Over the course of the six week program, patients receive education on 36 different topics related to sexual addiction, relationship addiction, sexual anorexia and sexual trauma. Examples include: ""What is Celibacy?", "Managing Shame Attacks", Cybersex", "Addiction Interaction", "Working the Steps", "Relapse Prevention", "The Ten Types", and "The Nature of Shame, Trauma, Abuse and Your Brain". The lecturers use an interactive format that encourages patients to ask questions and apply the material to their own lives.


All Gratitude Physicians are certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Maintaining regular contact with physicians and therapists and other referral sources is a top priority with our staff at Gratitude. This is accomplished through weekly telephone conference calls as well as written progress reports and treatment updates. Prior to discharge, the referring therapist or physician will receive a written Discharge/Aftercare Recovery Plan on each patient.


The Gratitude facility is located just minutes from the main Pine Grove campus. Hattiesburg is centrally located in South Mississippi and is easy to get to many metropolitan areas. Patients may book flights into the smaller Hattiesburg/Laurel airport or into one of the larger airports in Jackson, MS or Gulfport, MS. Transportation will be provided from any of these airports. Financial arrangements can be made through the Assessment Office by contacting our toll-free number.


All Gratitude sex addiction treatment physicians are certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Maintaining regular contact with physicians and therapists and other referral sources is a top priority with our staff at Gratitude. This is accomplished through weekly telephone conference calls as well as written progress reports and treatment updates. Prior to discharge, the referring therapist or physician will receive a written Discharge/Aftercare Recovery Plan on each patient.

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