Sexual Disclosure

Sex Disclosure

Pine Grove’s Gratitude Program recognizes the profound impact sexually addictive behaviors can have on relationships. To address this, we advocate for formal therapeutic disclosure as a critical step in the healing process for couples grappling with issues of sexual infidelity and addiction. FTD can repair relationships as part of an appropriate treatment framework.

What Is Formal Therapeutic Disclosure?

FTD is a structured, professionally facilitated process designed to help couples recover from sexual addiction. The person struggling with sex addiction shares a prepared document detailing their history of infidelity outside their committed relationship. This process is foundational for understanding, healing, and ultimately rebuilding trust.

For many couples, FTD marks the beginning of recovery. It allows the partner affected by infidelity to hear an honest account of what happened, free from the confusion and secrecy that often accompanies accidental discovery.

FTD also repairs damaged trust by introducing new transparency and honesty into the relationship. The structure provides a safe environment for both parties to express their feelings and concerns, guided by a trained professional. This setting helps prevent the conversation from becoming harmful or counterproductive.

The FTD Process

FTD typically occurs in one of two formats.

  1. Extended preparation: The sex addict works with a therapist over several months to prepare the disclosure document. This time allows them to work through denial, understand the impact of their behaviors, and approach disclosure with honesty and clarity.
  2. Intensive format: Alternatively, a professional facilitator can condense the process into an intensive three- to four-day course. This accelerated method is ideal for those who need a more immediate resolution.


While waiting may seem frustrating for both parties, preparation is crucial. It ensures the disclosure is comprehensive and that the disclosing partner is genuinely ready to confront and discuss their behaviors. Rushing this process can lead to dissatisfaction or resentment for both parties, potentially hindering the healing process.

Sexual Disclosure’s Role in Healing and Rebuilding Trust

Formal therapeutic disclosure is a vital element of recovery in relationships affected by sexual addiction. The experienced, compassionate counselors of Pine Grove’s Gratitude Program are here to guide couples through this challenging process with the utmost care and professionalism.

If you and your partner are struggling with the aftermath of sexual addiction, we encourage you to consider how FTD could be a step toward healing and greater relational intimacy. Remember, healing takes time, and every step forward is a step toward a stronger foundation.

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