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Pine Grove Evaluation Center

Since 1984, Pine Grove has partnered with individuals and organizations throughout the country to provide specialized and comprehensive evaluations for behavioral health and addictive disorders. To further our commitment, we have collaborated within our organization to serve those needing evaluations for addiction, vocational and behavioral issues.

We offer evaluation services for professionals, licensing boards, professional health programs, the community, and families. We have the ability to individualize each assessment based on the client’s need. This program provides a comprehensive approach by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience.

Benefits of an evaluation:

  • Multi-disciplinary treatment team
  • Testing with high levels of reliability and validity
  • Full-time, board certified psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist
  • Advocacy with State Licensing Boards
  • Recommendations based on best clinical and ethical practices

Addiction Evaluation

The Addiction Evaluation takes place over the course of three days on a residential unit. The focus of this evaluation is alcohol or other substance use, although other standard psychological or psychiatric issues are also assessed.

Comprehensive Evaluation

The Comprehensive Evaluation takes place over two or three days on an outpatient basis. This evaluation is broader in scope than an Addiction Evaluation and would encompass questions of disruptive workplace behavior, psychiatric (e.g., bipolar disorder) or personality disorder as a primary concern, psychological trauma, eating disorder, and questions about cognitive or intellectual functioning, while also including attention to substance use issues.

Psychosexual Evaluation

The Psychosexual Evaluation takes place over three days on an outpatient basis. The focus of this evaluation is sexual behavior (e.g., sexual compulsivity) or professional boundary crossings.

Components of the Evaluation Process

  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Addiction Medicine Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychological Testing, including neuropsychological screening
  • Social and Relational History
  • Laboratory work, including drug testing
  • Physical Examination
  • Collateral Information
  • Executive Summary of Findings
  • Diagnostic Impressions
  • Recommendations

Other components may be included as needed.

Evaluation Cost

Cost of evaluations may be applied towards the cost of any treatment program the patient chooses to complete at Pine Grove. Completion of the treatment program is required for application of evaluation cost towards treatment.

For more information about Pine Grove’s Evaluation Center please contact our assessment office at 1-888-574-HOPE (4673).

Evaluation Center

Psychology Internship Program

Pine Grove has an excellent internship program that offers a wide range of training activities in our three rotations. We are able to offer interns opportunities for training in residential and outpatient settings working with adults, adolescents, and children. We are APA accredited as a single entity pre-doctoral psychology internship program under the name of Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services, Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology (PG-DIPP).

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