Success Stories

Success Stories

Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services is proud to be a nationally recognized center for healing. Read on to see just a select few of the success stories from our alumni network.

Success Stories

— Scott Titlebaum, MD

“I’m thankful to Pine Grove for the treatment I received. The road to recovery was not an easy road back. I still do the same fundamental things today that I had to do to get to the point of recovery. I realized that honesty and open-mindedness was a must. I had to surrender all… I wanted real success.”

— Benita G.

“I was there as a patient in 2002. I am from Atlanta Georgia. Pine Grove saved my life… I believe with the education I got and the love, Prayers of the staff at Pine Grove and also from my family I can say like it says in the Big Book “I am recovered”. I am not cured but I am recovered. My experience at Pine Grove is an experience that turned my life around and still turning TODAY and I mean turning for the Good. Thank you from my heart to yours.”

— Carrie

“I would like to come back anytime you need someone to share their experience. I tried for 8 1/2 years to get sober. I went to two short term rehabs and spent six stints in Psych wards. Then my son found Pine Grove. He did all the research then invited me to lunch. There he told me that he knew the drinking was a disease and that I couldn’t do it on my own. He added that it wasn’t the drinking that disturbed him (or his siblings) but that it was the lying that destroyed them. That hit me in the heart and I found the strength to make the call that got me to Pine Grove. I wanted so much to be able to “blame” him for sending me there, for taking me away from the household I’d run for 26 years. Instead, I found a place to face my demons and I emerged a different person. I am now so grateful for my son’s intuition that Pine Grove could work for me. It’s amazing that this young man I’d raised was able to be up front and honest with his mom, who was filled with so much self-loathing that she didn’t believe change was possible. Now he is getting ready to leave for the Peace Corps. I couldn’t be prouder!”

— Phil A

“Since my discharge from GP, all I can say is my life is more balanced and grounded than it has probably ever been, and my marriage is certainly in better shape than it has ever been for someone that has been married for 34 years. I am using the tools I learned to use to support my recovery and I feel great about the way it is working. I would be lying if I did not say there were some shaky days for my wife and me after I got home. One of our main problems was we had never allowed ourselves to discuss anything that involved feelings or emotions and after 34 years of life and being in business together it had turned into what I understand to be an intimacy disorder. All of a sudden when I got home I wanted to talk about everything and I think it kind of freaked her out until everything calmed down. The lack of intimacy obviously caused other problems that we did not know how to fix but thanks to my work at GP I am on the right path and head over heels in love with my wife again and could not be happier.”

— Katy G.

“Pine Grove gave me the tools to recover from 16 years of abusing my body, soul and mind with an eating disorder. I will never be able to thank everyone enough. The gifts of recovery are endless and every day is a new miracle. Thank you.”

— Gavin B

“My time at Pine Grove was a wonderful life changing experience, one I doubt I will ever forget. I have been sober for 16 months thanks to the program, the staff, and friends in the program. I still have ongoing work to do each day, but the quality of my relationships at work and home have improved dramatically. I am more present and compassionate with my wife and kids than I have ever been before. I am very grateful for all the wonderful help and care I received.”