Women’s Center (Comprehensive Treatment)

Women’s Center (Comprehensive Treatment)

Pine Grove’s Women’s Center provides residential level addiction treatment for women with complex issues such as chemical addiction, trauma, and compulsive behaviors, as well as a step down partial hospitalization program for patients based on the clinical decisions of the treatment team.


Pine Grove’s Women’s Center is a treatment program for women who struggle with chemical dependency, trauma, and mood disorders. Our combined expertise in substance and process addictions along with psychiatric conditions positions the Women’s Center as one of the few treatment centers nationwide who offer dual diagnosis treatment and treatment for co-occurring eating disorders and compulsive sexual behavior. Pine Grove’s Women’s Center includes residential level addiction treatment as well as a step down partial hospitalization program for patients based on the clinical decisions of the treatment team. For more information about Pine Grove’s Women’s Center please contact our Call Center at 1-888-574-4673.

The Women’s Center incorporates the best of science and tradition to help women find hope and recover from their addictions. At the Women’s Center, our experienced staff integrates several theoretical perspectives, including medical, psychiatric, evidence based therapies, and 12-step philosophy and practice to help our patients live a meaningful and healthy life.

Due to the complexity of treating women with chemical dependency, Pine Grove’s Women’s Center features a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Clinical Director, a Psychiatrist who is dually board certified in Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, Nurses, Clinical Therapists, Counselors, a Registered Dietitian, and various recreational professionals.

The Women’s Center offers treatment in a peaceful and secluded environment. The program is housed in a beautifully renovated inn. The facility includes an outdoor pool, kitchen, and a warm, home-like environment for patients. Shared bedrooms for our patients are designed with Southern charm. The helpful staff also encourages patients to take advantage of a nearby exercise facility, affiliated with Pine Grove.

For those who are experiencing sexual addiction in addition to chemical addiction, the Women’s Center provides a sexual and relational issues group as part of our programming. Women receive their treatment for sexual addiction, sexual anorexia, and relationship compulsivity, all at Pine Grove. It is vital for recovering addicts to develop an understanding of appropriate relationships, patterns in past intimacy issues, and sexual wellness.

For more details, please visit our FAQ page on substance abuse treatment programs.


Women’s Center patients have the opportunity to focus solely on their recovery and personal growth in a supportive environment in which women build caring relationships with other women in recovery. These connections and opportunities for personal development allow women to gain the recovery skills necessary to support renewed hope and initiate the beginning phases of lasting emotional and mental health. Through the process of learning to be open, honest and direct, women can be empowered to speak their own truth and rebuild a life of integrity and sobriety.

Pine Grove also accepts women who are dealing with issues related to pregnancy and childbirth, including postpartum depression (PPD), postpartum anxiety (PPA), substance use during or after pregnancy, and more. We provide services for women at all stages, including those who are pregnant or have recently given birth.


The Relational Growth Groups offered at the Women’s Center increases patients’ abilities to recognize how negative emotions impact present life choices as well as long-term sobriety. The Women’s Center’s Relational Growth Groups include:

The Shame Reduction Group helps Women’s Center patients process shame cycles; challenge shame filters, and apply coping skills that assist with present shame containment. Group participants experience personal growth and empowerment through learning that shame is defeated by empathy and reduction of previous self- defeating habits associated with addictive interactions and processes.

The Healthy Self Group at the Women’s Center emphasizes the growing need for the recovering addict’s unconditional self-acceptance. Patients learn to apply five developing concepts of self-esteem through self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, purposeful living, and the practice of personal integrity. Additionally, patients learn the important difference between personal power and the need to control others. By the end of the patient’s participation in this weekly group, she will have the tools to practice and improve her conflict management skills with peers.

The Healthy Intimacy Group explores the recovering addict’s lifetime of relationship patterns with friends, family members, and romantic partners. Women’s Center patients learn and understand important concepts such as co-dependency and enmeshment, attachment styles, love addiction and love avoidance, and compulsive sexual behavior.

The Healthy Sexuality Group differentiates between sexuality and sexual objectification by helping patients at the Women’s Center recover from and avoid sexually exploitative relationships. Patients learn about healthy boundaries regarding sexual consent and physical safety. Women’s Center patients also receive important health education regarding sexual assault awareness, sexually transmitted infections, the use of contraceptives and pregnancy.

All four of the Relational Growth Groups at the Women’s Center are provided to patients on a weekly basis. Women’s Center patients participating in Pine Grove’s Professionals Recovery Track receive specific programming relevant to their work as licensed professionals.


  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • EMDR
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT
  • Experiential Therapy (psychodrama, art, music)
  • Medication Management
  • Psychiatrists, Addictionologist, Nurse Practitioner
  • Eating Disorder Dual Track
  • Eating Disorder Specific Nutritional Counseling
  • Meals Support Table
  • Food and Feeling Processing after Meals
  • Cooking, Supermarket and Restaurant Experientials
  • Educational Lectures and Workshops
  • Boundaries and Relationships
  • Trauma and Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Therapy
  • Spirituality
  • Sex Addiction
  • 12 Step Assignment Group
  • 12 Step Book Study Group
  • Reach
  • Yoga
  • Exercise


Given the chronic and progressive nature of the illness of addiction, our Women’s Center understands the difficulties and challenges faced by those leaving treatment and implementing a recovery program. We work diligently with our patients leaving treatment to develop a solid relapse prevention and recovery plan to help in their ability to refrain from engaging in their addictive behaviors. We also recognize the nature of this disease and understand the return of relapse behaviors and relapses can happen. It is critical that someone who is engaging in problematic behaviors realize it is not a hopeless situation, help is available, and changes can be made to get back on the path to recovery.

As such, the Women’s Center offers a 45-day relapse and stabilization track to address these issues for women who have previously participated in our program. This track is designed for those who have experienced a relapse as well as those who have concerns about a relapse and wish to stabilize in a safe, supportive environment.


Inpatient detox services are available for patients entering one of Pine Grove’s residential alcohol and drug treatment programs such as Men’s Next Step or Women’s Center program.


Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services is proud to offer our patients, who are licensed professionals, a specific Professionals Recovery Track to enhance their recovery and promote post treatment success. This program provides dedicated focus to the issues that are specific to licensed professionals, in order for these patients to be better equipped to return to work safely upon discharge.

Patients within Pine Grove’s Professionals Recovery Track meet daily for 90-minute group sessions within their treatment process. The Professionals Recovery Track is inclusive with the patient’s primary treatment program, the topics our professionals in treatment address within the 90-minute group sessions include:

  • Professionalism
  • Boundaries
  • Monitoring
  • Career Factors
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Self Care for Professionals

Partial Hospitalization: Step-Down Treatment

The treatment program includes residential level addiction treatment. We also have incorporated a step down partial hospitalization program for clients, based on the clinical decisions of our treatment team.


Structured Family Recovery is a program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services that outlines how each family member impacts a patient’s recovery after treatment. Developed by Pine Grove Consultant Debra Jay, this program creates a defined family support system which can provide empathy, understanding, and accountability once a patient completes residential treatment.