CARF-Accredited Treatment Center

CARF-Accredited Treatment Center

CARF International oversees health and human service providers around the world. By meeting stringent regulatory standards, committing to continually improved services, and serving the Hattiesburg community, Pine Grove has become a CARF-accredited treatment center.

The Importance of CARF Accreditation

When seeking a reputable addiction treatment center for themselves or a loved one, many people become overwhelmed by options. If there are dozens of rehabilitation facilities in one’s area, it can be challenging to determine which providers offer scientifically backed, proven treatment plans. In many cases, the best identifier of superior care is CARF accreditation. This consumer-focused nonprofit serves as an independent judge of value, quality, and optimal outcomes.

CARF Accreditation Guidelines

Receiving accreditation is a complex and completely voluntary process. It involves in-depth peer evaluations, on-site surveys, and a thorough analysis of the center’s modalities. By devoting the time and resources to this rigorous review, the Pine Grove has demonstrated our commitment to high-quality, evidence-based treatment.

“I am very appreciative of every Pine Grove staff member,” said administrator Debbie Sanford, RN, MS, BMA. “[They] contributed many hours towards this accreditation, checking charts, written policies, and ensuring staff education and competencies.” When asked about the center’s new recognition, she stated, “This important achievement certainly took the whole Pine Grove team coming together.”

CARF-Accredited Services

CARF’s decision represents the highest level of accreditation that an organization can receive: a three-year endorsement. Thanks to Pine Grove’s exceptional performance, the following services have received recognition from this governing body.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment: Substance Use Disorders program
  • Partial Hospitalization: Integrated Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health treatment program for adults
  • Residential Treatment: Integrated Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health treatment program for adults

Pine Grove also offers a host of specialty programming, including treatment tracks for co-occurring eating disorders and trauma, older adults, sexual addiction, professionals, and more.

Proven, Outcomes-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

If you struggle with substance use disorder, mental illness, or a combination of the two, we encourage you to contact Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services. Based in Mississippi, our center has gained a reputation as one of the nation’s top treatment campuses. Contact our admissions team today to begin your recovery journey.