Residential Admissions

Residential Admissions

Pine Grove’s dedicated admissions team makes the process of pursuing treatment as easy as possible for clients and their families. Our residential programs are second to none, and we have created specific paths to recovery tailored to every need.

Pine Grove Residential & Partial Hospitalization Admissions

Admission to all Pine Grove programs begin with an assessment. Assessments consist of questions regarding current medications, medical problems, legal issues related to illness or problem, substance abuse, behaviors and stressors. Following the interview, the clinician will consult the appropriate physician and a recommendation for treatment or a referral will be given.

Pine Grove offers a variety of residential treatment programs with variable lengths of stay. To schedule an assessment for one of our addiction treatment programs please contact our National Call Center at 1-888-574-4673.


Prior to admission program costs and the patient’s financial responsibility will be estimated for the expected length of stay. Insurance is verified and pre-certified prior to admission and the patient responsibility is estimated based on deductibles and co-pays for the expected length of stay. Patients will be made aware of complete financial responsibility and obligations prior to admission to the program.