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Substance Abuse in Older Adults

Substance abuse among older adults is a growing health concern that often goes undetected. As individuals age, they may face challenges such as chronic pain, loss, or life transitions that can lead to increased use of prescription medications, alcohol, or other substances. Pine Grove offers an age-specific path to recovery for adults over the age of 55.

Signs of Addiction in the Aging

Substance abuse in the senior population often presents with symptoms that may be mistaken for normal aging, making detection and diagnosis challenging. Common signs of aging, such as memory loss or frequent bruising, can also be indicators of substance misuse or abuse. It’s important to discern these signs carefully to provide timely intervention:
  • Memory Loss: While some forgetfulness can be expected with age, frequent memory lapses or confusion may indicate substance-induced cognitive impairment.
  • Unexplained Bruises or Injuries: Seniors may bruise easily, but regular, unexplained injuries could be signs of falls or accidents while under the influence.
  • Changes in Sleep Patterns: Alterations in sleep can occur with aging but may also result from the misuse of alcohol or sedatives.
  • Mood Swings or Irritability: Look beyond typical ‘grumpiness’ to persistent changes in mood that could be linked to substance abuse.
  • Increased Isolation: While some older adults may prefer solitude, sudden withdrawal from social activities can be a red flag.
  • Neglecting Personal Hygiene: A decline in grooming or personal care might be related to a lack of motivation due to substance abuse.
  • Depression or Anxiety: Mental health issues can be both a cause and a consequence of substance abuse.
  • Changes in Eating Habits: Significant weight loss or gain without a clear reason can be associated with substance abuse.
  • Lack of Interest in Previously Enjoyed Activities: A sudden disinterest in hobbies or pastimes can indicate an underlying issue.
  • Medication Management Issues: Taking more medication than prescribed or at incorrect times can be a sign of misuse.
  • Defensiveness About Substance Use: Resistance to conversations about drinking habits or medication use may be a sign of denial or addiction.

Addiction Treatment for Older Adults

Pine Grove offers targeted and specialized care for individuals over the age of 55 struggling with substance abuse. With a comprehensive understanding of how substance abuse can be interwoven with the aging process, Pine Grove provides a treatment environment that respects the unique needs of older adults. This program addresses not only substance abuse but also the potential for dual diagnosis, trauma, and mood disorders. Our experienced team evaluates each patient’s progress regularly to ensure the most effective treatment plan is in place.

Addiction Recovery Services

The treatment framework at Pine Grove includes a robust set of services, each integral to the recovery journey:
  • Safe and medically supervised detoxification
  • Comprehensive medication management
  • Detailed neuro-psychological assessments
  • Support groups focused on grief and loss, professional and gender-specific issues
  • Constant care with 24-hour on-site nursing and adjacent hospital for medical needs
  • Nutritional counseling and fitness programs
  • Family therapy
  • Assimilation of 12-step principles and practices

Enhanced Medical Care & Support

Pine Grove prides itself on offering specialized medical treatment for older adults with substance abuse issues. Our affiliation with Forrest General—a 512-bed hospital featuring comprehensive medical services—allows us to provide a level of care that is both attentive and inclusive of any medical needs that may arise during treatment. This unique aspect of our care provides peace of mind to patients and families, knowing that medical support is readily available.

Our Expertise, their Legacy

For those seeking a program that combines expertise in addiction treatment with the capacity to address challenges specific to the aging adult, Pine Grove is ready to assist. We invite you to reach out to our admissions team to learn more about how we can support you or your loved one in taking the next steps towards recovery and their legacy.
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