Our Mission & Values

Patient First Care

Addiction is a complex, chronic brain disease that requires the highest level of care. At Pine Grove, we believe in approaching this by recognizing and emphasizing the patient experience.

Our Mission

Do What is Best for the Patient

Pine Grove is dedicated to pioneering the highest quality of care by staying abreast of the latest therapeutic methods, emerging addictions, anticipating healthcare needs, and meticulously tracking treatment outcomes to ensure each patient receives the best possible pathway to recovery.

Our Values

Together We:

Communicate with Courtesy and Compassion

Acknowledge and take Action

Respect and Reassure

Empathize and Explain

These core values are woven into our daily practice, ensuring that treatment for patients, involvement of families, and the work environment for staff are all guided by these principles, fostering a healing community.

Addiction Philosophy

Addiction is a complex brain disease manifested by compulsive, pathological relationships with mood-altering substances or behaviors. It is developmental, chronic, and progressive, impacting individuals, families, and communities. At Pine Grove, we integrate the 12-step program with comprehensive treatment models, including medical and psychiatric care, psychotherapy, family involvement, and wellness education.

Mental Health Treatment Philosophy

Our mental health treatment philosophy mirrors our addiction approach, emphasizing a holistic model that considers the whole person. Mental wellness is achieved through a balance of clinical intervention, personal insight, and community support, facilitating a journey towards sustainable well-being.


Our mission helps people heal and move toward personal accountability, recovery, and empowerment in preparation for re-entry into relationships, work, and community. Contact us to learn more about our dedicated patient-first programs.
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