Family Program

Family Program

Addiction and behavioral health concerns don’t just affect the person with a diagnosis. At Pine Grove, we offer intensive family therapy and education services, and seek to involve family members in every aspect of treatment.

Pine Grove's Family Program

Mission Statement

The Family Program provides a safe environment and compassionate service to our patients and their families. By encouraging growth and change through insight and application, the healing process is initiated within individuals, and a foundation is established for healthier more authentic relationships with the self and others.

About the Family Program

Addictions and behavioral health issues impact families in an enormous way. The whole family is impacted by this disease, and the whole family is part of the solution. Pine Grove’s family program assists families in understanding how they can become part of that solution.

A dedicated portion of the patient’s treatment at Pine Grove is dedicated to intensive family therapy and education. Family members are educated about the disease concept of addiction, compulsive behaviors and the recovery process. Other lectures include topics such as boundaries, family systems, the recovery process, and spirituality. Families meet together in a large process group, which assists in reducing shame and normalizing the experience of addiction. Family members often report feeling connected with other group members that understand on a personal level the difficulties and impact addiction has on the family. The group process is very structured and homework assignments are given prior to group to help guide family members through the process. The assignments are geared towards facilitating open, honest and direct communication about the addiction, even if the communication is painful. The patient is encouraged to be honest and accountable for their addictive behavior, which is the foundation of recovery. Opportunities exist for making amends and learning about the addict’s recovery plan. The families also meet with the patient’s primary therapist to focus specifically on aftercare. At the end of the week, families say good bye with a graduation ceremony.

The family therapy staff understands that this is a difficult time for you and your family. Our hope is that family members benefit from the family process just as much as the patients.

Al-Anon Family Groups

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