Structured Family Recovery

Structured Family Recovery

Pine Grove’s Family Program assists families in understanding how they may become part of that solution, and Structured Family Recovery® is an important enhancement to our successful Family Program.

Structured Family Recovery®

Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services is pleased to be the first treatment facility in the country to offer our patients Debra Jay’s Structured Family Recovery initiative. Addictions and behavioral health issues impact families in an enormous way. The whole family is affected by this disease, and the whole family is part of the solution. Pine Grove’s Family Program assists families in understanding how they may become part of that solution, and Structured Family Recovery is an important enhancement to our successful Family Program.



Structured Family Recovery is a program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services that outlines how each family member impacts a patient’s recovery after treatment. Developed by Pine Grove Consultant Debra Jay, this program creates a defined family support system which can provide empathy, understanding, and accountability once a patient completes residential treatment.

Here are the core action steps:

  • A one-hour Structured Family Recovery conference call each week.
  • A one-hour 12-step recovery meeting for families each week.

Using this approach the family becomes an important element of an addict’s recovery after treatment. The Structured Family Recovery program at Pine Grove incorporates the tools outlined in Debra’s new book, It Takes a Family.

Click HERE to preview the book (PDF)

The Structured Family Recovery program places emphasis on:

  • Positive rewards and negative consequences
  • Frequent random drug testing
  • 12 step involvement and abstinence expectation
  • Applicable role models and recovery mentors
  • Modified lifestyles
  • Active and sustained monitoring
  • Active management of relapse
  • Continuing care approach


Please take these three simple steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of It Takes a Family: A Cooperative Approach to Structured Recovery.
  2. Read the first 34 pages (and ask other close family members to do the same).
  3. Call us here at Pine Grove at 1-888-574-4673 to discuss how your family can begin this cooperative approach to lasting sobriety.

“If we can trust just a bit, if not yet in each other, in the greater providence of good, and walk forward with only the barest of faith, we will find what we could not see before. Too few find their way alone. Let us bring family and the beloved addict together. It is in the “we’ that we find an elegance in life that is as sweet as it is powerful.”

-Debra Jay, It Takes a Family

“In over 20 years of specializing in family systems and addiction, I’ve never seen families change so quickly. As a matter of fact, I see things happen in 2 to 3 weeks that, as a profession, we just weren’t able to make happen before. I see how these changes are having a profound effect on reducing the relapse rate in families.”

-Steve Hanna, SFR counselor

“Debra Jay unlocks the secrets of this revolutionary approach [the New Paradigm] to addiction. She adds a significant new dimension by focusing on the role of the family both in creating this system of care management and in making it work, long term. The author highlights the essential element of the approach as no one else has: the crucial role of the addict’s family.”

-–Robert L. DuPont, M.D., First Director on the National Institute of Drug Abuse

Debra Jay’s revolutionary new book takes a fresh approach to the recovery process by making family members and friends part of the recovery team, beginning in the early stages of sobriety. It Takes a Family presents the Structured Family Recovery process, a year-long program for families.

While most alcoholics and addicts coming out of treatment have a basic aftercare plan, families are often left in the dark. Debra Jay uses straightforward, compassionate language to outline a structured model that shows family members both how to take personal responsibility and to build a circle of support to meet the obstacles common to the first year of recovery. Together, family members address the challenges of enabling, denial, and pain while developing their communication skills through practical, easy-to-follow strategies and exercises designed to create transparency and accountability. With this invaluable guide, family members work together as they reinvent their relationships without the all-consuming destruction of active addiction.

It Takes a Family includes a year-long blueprint for family meetings, that include an introduction to the 12 Steps for families, weekly topics and readings, guidelines for discussion, directions for creating a relapse plan, and much more.


Debra Jay is a consultant for Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services and founder of the Structured Family Recovery program, which is available to families in her latest book, It Takes a Family: A Cooperative Approach to Lasting Sobriety. She is the author of No More Letting Go: The Spirituality of Taking Action Against Alcoholism and Drug Addiction as well as the bestseller, Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention. She also authored Aging and Addiction: Helping Older Adults Overcome Alcohol or Medication Dependence. Ms. Jay regularly appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show for 3 seasons as an addiction expert. She has also been a guest expert on The Dr. Oz Show. She is co-founder of a private practice providing Structured Family Recovery and Clinical Intervention services to families throughout the United States and internationally.


Lori Forseth is the clinical coordinator for Structured Family Recovery and is readily available to talk to families about how to work together to achieve lasting sobriety. She can answer family questions and offer guidance on getting started with Structured Family Recovery. Forseth graduated with distinction with degrees in psychology and sociology. She is also well acquainted with the 12-step programs that support family members who love someone with an alcohol or other drug problem.