Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

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Be the Tortoise

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Be the Tortoise

by Ted Crawford, LMFTEmployee Assistance Program, Pine Grove’s Outpatient Services Many people welcome January with a full-body hug, as it means they’ve gotten through yet another holiday of drama [...]

Taming the Christmas Crazy

by Ted Crawford, LMFTEmployee Assistance Program, Pine Grove’s Outpatient Services Well, it’s that time of the year folks. The money won’t spend itself, you know. Time to jingle-bell around [...]

Ashley Madison and Sexual Addiction

By Deborah Schiller, LPC, CSAT-S, CMATDirector of Pine Grove's Gratitude program Everybody seems to be talking about Ashley Madison, the hook-up site for folks who are intrigued with the [...]

Pine Grove supports UNITE to Face Addiction

WASHINGTON – Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services is proud to join over 450 local, state and national organizations at the “UNITE to Face Addiction” rally, a free event on [...]

Celebrating Mothers

by Dr. Tony Calabrese and Patricia Calabrese, PMH-NP Google trending topics on motherhood and what will you find? Discussions on family dinners, “over-parenting,” gifted children and birthing techniques. Look [...]

National Depression Screening Day

When does worry become depression? When does casual drinking become a problem with alcohol? Is anxiety over everyday things normal? These are the kinds of questions many of us [...]

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